We are currently receiving an average of 700 hits PER DAY to the Index Page alone. We have received over 150,000 total pages hits in the past 2 months ( since we've been open).

Cardazoid , although still new, has been gathering a large steady recurring following. See above. If you are interested in advertising at Cardazoid, I am offering the "run-of-the-site" format. The current rates are as follows:

Advertising Options

Advertising Rates

One month (30 days) $20.00
Three months (90 days) $50.00

This will put your Banner in rotation on each available advertising page. At this time, there are 16 such pages.

Banner specifications:

  • 468 x 60

  • 14k maximum file size, gif or jpg

If you wish to advertise, please send me an e-mail with your Domain Name, your preferred e-mail address and the url of your Banner image, or send your Banner as an attached file. Send check or money order to me at the following address:
R. Cline
P. O. Box 530
Pearblossom, Calif. 93553.

Please include your Domain Name and your e-mail address with your check or money order. I will notify you by e-mail within 24 hours when I receive it. And your Banner will be placed in rotation immediately.

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